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Hello there.

I wanted to see how everyone is feeling after a while of "I" being out, and with the idea of "Catch 33" soon to be discovered.

I still can't stop listening to "I". It's unlike anything I've ever dealt with before. Being a musician myself of many years (drummer, wee) it's just.. the best fucking ear candy I've owned in a long time. (Isis' "Panopticon" being another wonderful drug)

It makes me feel so different from all the other Meshuggah releases, it's nothing near explainable in traditional language to me. And the last 'section' being one that just completely turns me into something I've never experienced before.

All in all, I can't hold myself back from flipping out trying to make it day to day without wanting to get to the next level of/with Meshuggah and have them back on tour. I'm so pumped it could make me puke at times.

Hope all your Xmases were grand.

-Fellow Meshuggar.
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Who's picked up I yet? It's out, I believe... but I'm too poor to pick it up just yet. Soon, soon. Thoughts?
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Meshuggah Fanlisting

Hey everyone who may read this. I made a fanlisting for Meshuggah last night (link), which is just what it sounds like-a listing of fans of Meshuggah. There's no catch or anything, you can even choose not to show your email. Check out thefanlistings.org for more information on fanlistings, and please join. Thanks :)

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"Inspired by bands ranging from Mike Patton, Faith No More, to Candiria and Meshuggah, their music is diverse but perfectly attune. I was taken aback by their self-titled release. It was blissfully dynamic—dark metal-core melodies with punk rock underlay. I couldn’t believe this band remains to be signed." - www.dosomethingpretty.com

My band CLERIC is going to be touring across the country from January through March 2004 with BERET!

We're a four piece "metal" band based in Philadelphia, PA. We started as Cleric in April 2003 when one of our guitarists left the other band we were in [kind of resembling Tool]. Now though, we sound like Meshuggah, Botch, Candiria, Fantomas, Isis, and The Dillinger Escape Plan, so if you're into them or Converge, A Life Once Lost, [old] Cave In, or just appreciate music in general you should definitely give us a listen; you can get MP3s at mp3.com. Our songs are paced and structured very similarly to Candiria; we don't really repeat parts often or too much when we do. We have parts that are very atmospheric - people we've toured with tell us they feel like they're slipping into other dimensions when they watch us live.

We played our first and only 25 shows so far on the 2003 Warped Tour [granted that wasn't our 'cup of tea', we were one of the few really crazy bands on the tour] and are going to be on it again in 2004. If any of you have any bands interested in playing shows or clubs/bars we can play in the cities listed please leave a comment or e-mail me directly at enemyofthesunn@aol.com.

If you like what you hear let us know and sign up for our mailing
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