Area 51¾ (catamaran) wrote in glintscollide,
Area 51¾

Hello there.

I wanted to see how everyone is feeling after a while of "I" being out, and with the idea of "Catch 33" soon to be discovered.

I still can't stop listening to "I". It's unlike anything I've ever dealt with before. Being a musician myself of many years (drummer, wee) it's just.. the best fucking ear candy I've owned in a long time. (Isis' "Panopticon" being another wonderful drug)

It makes me feel so different from all the other Meshuggah releases, it's nothing near explainable in traditional language to me. And the last 'section' being one that just completely turns me into something I've never experienced before.

All in all, I can't hold myself back from flipping out trying to make it day to day without wanting to get to the next level of/with Meshuggah and have them back on tour. I'm so pumped it could make me puke at times.

Hope all your Xmases were grand.

-Fellow Meshuggar.

  • (no subject)

    I need Catch 33.

  • the back tattoo!!!

    got this about 8 or 9 years ago! meshuggah = gods! \m/

  • I

    Who's picked up I yet? It's out, I believe... but I'm too poor to pick it up just yet. Soon, soon. Thoughts?

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